Author Participation with the B4R bookstore

The B4R bookstore is a division of Indie Lector, LLC, an author owned business. We have created this store with one goal in mind - to help Indie Authors make more money from their book sales. There are three participation options from which to choose, listed below:

Option 1 – Author/Company Fulfillment

With this option, the author and or small press (hereby known as Company) agrees to fulfill each order within 24-48 hours of receipt of the order and provide proof of shipment before payment to the Author/Company in exchange for receiving up to 80% commission from the sold price. The percentage is based on how much interaction and promotion the author/company demonstrates toward this store. A special 10% bonus may be paid out to the authors who go above and beyond the promotion of selling their books on this site.

Option 2 – B4R Bookstore Consignment

With this option, the author and or company wants B4R bookstore to fulfill the order in a timely fashion in exchange for receiving a 60% commission from the sold price. This option is perfect for authors listed in the KDP Select program. The author will be required to have no less than two books in our warehouse at the time of registration, to sell on this site. This option is automatically enforced when the author/company book(s) is sold in a display rack or related format at another location that has contracted with B4R bookstore to sell books from our catalog.

Option 3 – B4R Bookstore/Ingram Fulfillment

With this option, the author and or company wants B4R bookstore to fulfill the order in a timely fashion through Ingram (Lightning Source). This means the author/company will not receive any royalty payments directly from B4R bookstore or Indie Lector, LLC for books and related items sold. ALL Books sold through this option must be listed in Ingram for purchase. With Option 1 & 2, additional marketing materials and promotions are provided to help increase opportunities for book sales through the B4R bookstore. Members of the Authors Marketing Guild, LLC group may add their books into the store at no additional cost.

For non-members of the Authors Marketing Guild, LLC, the participation fee is set at the current membership rate for new members. This fee is used to help promote the author and give them additional tools to better market and sell their books on the website. The annual fee is non-refundable. Once the author is added to the site, they must continue to pay the annual fee or sell at least 500 total copies of any or all their titles in a calendar year. For any author who sells 500 copies of their books through the B4R bookstore in a calendar year, Indie Lector, LLC will pay their membership renewal fee with Authors Marketing Guild, LLC. A sale that counts toward the 500 must be a paid transaction. Free books, gift orders, and similar types of sales do not count towards the 500 sales count.

To participate in our store, begin by completing the membership form by clicking here. Once membership has been approved, the author can then advise B4R which option they would like to participate in. Once you have selected the option. We will contact you to verify the information and to access additional information needed to have your books added to our system.

For a full list of the Authors Marketing Guild, LLC membership benefits, please visit one of the following websites:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.