Indie Lector will be B4R.Store Effective Jan 1, 2021

I am happy to announce that IndieLector.Store is changing its name to B4R.Store (books for readers).  All current programs and links will remain the same until the last part of the year.  We believe this new name will become easier to work with, catchier for readers and authors alike, and help us increase our book sales.

We hope to have the switch over to the new website done by Jan 1st.  Once done, we will send out notices to the participating authors to update their websites and links to make sure they do not miss out on any sales for the new year.

  For those authors that are currently participating with Option 1, we have created a special package for you that we plan to ship out just after the new year.  In order to make sure we send the packages out in time, please complete this form by September 20th.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you for participating with us in this venture.