Founded in 2019, Indie Lector has been an integral part of the Indie Author community with a rich history and an exciting future. Indie Lector has gained a reputation for outstanding service and commitment to customer satisfaction in the greater USA. In 2020, the bookstore name was changed to B4R (books for readers).


We help Authors learn new and exciting ways to market & sell their books. We offer the Authors Marketing Event weekend held every July.


We offer a variety of ways to support the Author as they work to promote their book(s).


While we cannot guarantee book sales, we have created a valuable resource for the Author to make more money from their book sales through our unique online bookstore. http://B4R.Store


Indie Lector was created out of a need for Indie Authors to earn their fair share from their works. After working 8 years with Authors from all types of publishing fields, B Alan Bourgeois saw a niche that needed to be filled. Thus, Indie Lector was created to help Authors to succeed and earn their fair share. In 2021, the bookstore's name was changed to B4R (books for readers) bookstore.