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Born from the mind of B Alan Bourgeois, B4R Bookstore is designed to give readers an opportunity to discover great books, while helping authors earn their fair share.

Indie Lector, LLC is not a big corporation. Currently, all stock is held by authors who wanted to create a bookstore for both readers and authors.

B4R allows authors an opportunity to earn up to 80% of their book sales, NO other bookstore in the world offers this opportunity. Instead of being greedy and only concerned about profits, B4R is about the experience of writing great books and given the financial ability to continue to write and share their ideas.

As B4R continues to grow, we will be adding more authors from around the world, allowing the reader to discover books from authors in their city, state, and country. When we launch in 2021, B4R currently has 150 authors signed up from the USA and Canada.

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